Baku Hashimoto

橋本 麦


New Chitose 2018 Idents

Opening sequence for 5th New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival (第5回新千歳国際アニメーション映画祭).

director / animator: Baku Hashimoto
music: toiret status


100 Motion Designers in Japan ’18

An ident for “Japanese Motion Graphic Creators 2018” (映像作家100人), the most authoritative yearbook of video directors which has published more than a decade. From this year, the will be announced as not a book but online.

producer: Yusuke Shono
director: Baku Hashimoto
music: toiret status
logo design: Semitransparent Design™

The producer and editor Mr. Shono also runs the online magazine MASSAGE which is focusing on various experimental scenes around the Internet. I’ve been deeply influenced by his aesthetics in this few years. So in this project, I tried to integrate all of my own approaches for video production such as generative art, motion graphics, and wired usage of GPU rendering with a kind of Internet-ish atmosphere.


imai – Fly ft. 79, Kaho Nakamura

♪ imai – Fly feat. 79, 中村佳穂 from the album “PSEP”

A stop-motion video of various types of mochi🍡, popular sweets for old people in Japan. I had been shot this the whole summer at my grandparents’ house.

director/animator: Baku Hashimoto
logo design: 79

To realize the free camera movement, I built a special tool integrating a stop-motion software and position tracking device attached to a camera.




3D rotoscoping.

This is made for “TECHNE – The Visual Workshop”, a creative educational TV show. Every episode introduces one visual technique such like stop-motion, and my theme in this episode is to use rotoscope. I developed the shooting system enabling to trace ‘height map’ with clay using a pair of kinect and projector which works like human-powered 3d printing. We’ve reproduced the shape of previs frame by frame, and shot pictures more than 500 frames.

director: Baku Hashimoto
art director: Poisson Gris (Laurent Gray & Hu Yu)
producer: Hiroto Ise
music: Phasma (“Sinus” from W Records vol.02 Bunkai-kei Records)
lighting: Ikuma Ogawa (SECT)
special thanks: Koji Aramaki, Kosuke Tsukagawa, Yako Naohiro, Kyosuke Ochiai


“Berserk” TV Ad

All the pictures taken from real comic books frame by frame. After extracted the leading character from more than 6000 pages, I carefully collected and re-ordered their face to move sequentially.

The glitches of roughly morphed frames originally come from this my experiment.

creative director: Kaita Arai
planner: Ai Shibata
director: Kenji Tomita (OOO)
animation director: Baku Hashimoto
editor & adviser: Yoshiteru Yamakawa (INS)


Olga Bell – ATA

♪Olga Bell – ATA
Taken from her “Tempo” album, released from One Little Indian.

director: Baku Hashimoto
concept: Baku Hashimoto & Olga Bell
photography: Josh Wool
makeup: Stephanie Peterson



If We Could Weave Rainbows

♪fhána – If We Could Weave Rainbow

This track is the OP theme of “Haruchika” (ハルチカ), 2016 winter anime. Co-directed with my two friends ( ) as a name of SQRT, who are “Sound! Euphonium” (響け! ユーフォニアム) enthusiasts.


director: SQRT
shooting production:,ltd
2nd camera: Hirohito Itagaki
assistant: Yohei Demachi
lighting: Ryo Takahashi
hair & make: gringe


KAMRA – Deja Vu

This is an interactive music video for new single “Deja vu” by KAMRA. The viewers can create own video by accessing the site on PC. By seeing themselves morphing and changing along, users feel Deja vu moments.

It won Bronze Lion for Digital Craft at Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity 2016.


artist: KAMRA (invisi-dir.)
producer: Kenjiro Matsuo (invisi-dir.), Yosuke Tominaga, Kenichi Seki (dot by dot inc.)
creative director: Kyosuke Taniguchi (dot by dot inc.)
technical director / programmer: Saqoosha (dot by dot inc.)
movie director: Baku Hashimoto
designer: Taichi Ito (dot by dot inc.)
programmer: Koki Ibukuro (dot by dot inc.)
system enginner: Takanobu Izukawa (dot by dot inc.)
assistant: Shizuho Sato (dot by dot inc.)
cinematography: Show Matsumura
Electrician: Akihiko Someya
Model: FEMM
PR: Kotoko Koya


Everything Becomes F – すべてがFになる

Ending of fall 2015 anime “Everything Becomes F” (すべてがFになる).
2015年 フジテレビ ノイタミナ枠アニメ「すべてがFになる」 ED映像.

Based on one of the main characters Shiki Magata(真賀田 四季) who is a genius programmer, I adopted “Generative Art” approach in terms of use of programming language. Inspired by cellular automaton (including Conway’s game of life), ’90s desktop environment of *nix, Megademo, and hacker culture.

music: Scenarioart – “Nanahitsuji”
director: Baku Hashimoto
animation: pai
tools: Golly, Visions of Chaos, p5


All the sources are published under MIT License.


The Color Eater

Adobe Creative Cloud’s philosophy video.
Ten animators joined to create a colorful and dense depiction in various looks.

It got One Show Silver Pencil & D&AD Graphite Pencil.



plannner: Yusuke Kitani (kaibutsu)
director: Hiroshi Yamakawa (spoon)
music: Masakatsu Takagi
animators: Junichi Arakawa (kaibutsu) & Hiroshi Yamakawa (spoon), Atsushi Hashimoto (kaibutsu), Manabu Himeda, Junichi Arakawa (kaibutsu), Hitoshi Morita (TYMOTE), Daisuke Hashimoto (P.I.C.S), Yohei Wada, Yutaro Kubo, Baku Hashimoto (in order of appearance)