Baku Hashimoto

橋本 麦

SFPC Day 1 : The layers of computing

It was a first day of the class. After introduced each other and had a lunch, there’s a robot standing in a center of the room (it was apparently Mushon Zer-Aviv, our teacher whether way I looked at it) Taeyoon said we have to ‘program’ the robot to exit the room. However, it didn’t move and just spoke “Can’t compute” when we ordered messages like “move” and “turn left”.

  1. Install packages including sensor, muscle, balancing system
  2. activate them
  3. define walk function as a sequence of moving of joints.
  4. execute walk

Through this session, I realized how I used to a highly abstracted layer of computing everyday. As Mushon said, it was still better that the robot has standard I/O such like the ability of listening and speaking. I reminded of Matz’s talk (the advocator of Ruby) and it was that he had to spend first half year to implement kinds of “cin” and “cout” in Ruby.

And then I assume we discussed the notion of “encapsulation” and “relation of layers in computer”. But my brain was so busy and not enough to understand their English😞

Anyway, it was so inspiring for me.

(btw, we also visited NYC Resister at night near our room and there were stunningly cool geeks and CNC mills.)